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Guild of Friends

Hurray!  Thanks to Martha’s sterling work we have been granted a faculty to have a new boiler installed in St Lawrence’s church.  This means we will no longer have to wait for hours for the church to warm up and very importantly we will have hot water on tap for the first time.  

Work is likely to start at the end of February and will probably take a week.  In addition to the new boiler a new sink will be put in the vestry as well.  We are greatly indebted to The Lions Club who have very generously pledged £250 towards the new boiler.

The Guild of Friends AGM will be held on Thursday 12th April at 7.30pm in St. Lawrence’s church.  It will be followed by drinks and nibbles.  

All Welcome.

Elaine Williams

Hon. Secretary  

Caterham Foodbank

2017 - A Bad Year

2017 has been a bad year and indeed a horrifying year for the Foodbank, because we have been asked to provide food for 1,065 people.  This total includes 481 children, 175 of them under the age of five.  Every time I see these figures, I am really shocked to think what this means to those people, clients of our Foodbank, to be so desperate that they have to swallow their pride and ask strangers for help.

However, it has also been a very good year, because we have been able to answer the need, thanks to many generous donations.  I’m happy to be able to say that although we have given out a total of 11,765.78 kilos of food, we have received 10,633.64 kilos, so our warehouse at the end of the year was only slightly less full than at the beginning.

The referral agencies who send clients to us with vouchers for food show that the three main reasons why there is this need are: low income, benefit changes and benefit delays.  The statistics also show us that the two chief types of referral are from single parents (38%) and single individuals (32%).  Our system also gives us confidential information as to which of the areas in our locality are the scenes of greatest deprivation.

We are in contact with other foodbanks and helping agencies, so when (as sometimes happens) we are in surplus with any particular commodity and others are short, we can help out.  We have been able in this way to assist Croydon Nightwatch, the Salvation Army and in one case a Refugee Kitchen.  We are, however, very conscious that our Trust Deed provides that we are to assist primarily those in need in the Caterham and District area, and this we continue to do to the best of our ability.

What do we need, what can you do?  Well, not please baked beans!  We have more than a sufficient supply of these at present.  Perhaps surprisingly, we are not really in need of more food, because supplies keep coming in from generous donors as I mentioned earlier and the warehouse is well-stocked at present.  Obviously, food is welcome, but what we do really need is:

Your prayers.  Our food is of course given to anyone who is in need, regardless of creed or lack of it, but the Christian ethos of the foodbank movement and the loving care of our volunteers (not all of whom are necessarily Christian) desperately needs the prayerful support of all of us

Volunteers.  There is a variety of jobs which the volunteers tackle – collecting the food from various places, weighing it in to the warehouse as well as actually being there to help with the distribution.  Training is available to help ensure that all volunteers are comfortable with what they are asked to do.

Money.  We do have expenses to ensure that the operation is smoothly and efficiently run.  You could help by either a donation or a small regular payment, and this can be gift-aided if you are a standard rate taxpayer.

More prayers.  Please never cease to smother the work of the Caterham Foodbank with prayer, both privately and in church.

Michael Pritchard

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Those who have recently become members of St. Mary’s (and those who have been members for some time and omitted to fill in a form in the past) are invited to complete an Electoral Roll Application form – available from the back of the Church – and return it to Barbara Holloway, Electoral Roll Officer, c/o The Parish Office (01883 348751)

If you’re already on the Roll and have changed your address during the year, please let Barbara know.

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