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Annual Report - Crèche

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Creche attendance is picking up again after a very quiet few months.  Many of our usual attendees have now started school therefore moved up to Junior Church. A few new families have started coming to St Mary’s which has meant more little ones attending the crèche. We also have a couple of new volunteers for crèche which is great news and very much needed. There are now 9 volunteers on the rota.

We have a new format now for crèche which was introduced last Autumn.  We now sing a couple of songs, read a story and say a prayer before getting the toys out of the cupboard.  Although the children are very young and don’t always join in we find it a nice way to start.  If any are feeling unsettled often singing a song they know can calm them down.

A few of the ladies did have a clear out of the toy cupboard last year which was great. There seems to be enough toys to play with at the moment.  New paper and pens are probably needed which I will look into as colouring and drawing are a favourite pastime.

We are very encouraged by the new recruits for crèche as it confirms that there is still a need for it going forward.

Emily Kirkwood

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