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Memorial Plaques in St. Lawrence’s

Following the theft in 2011 of 93 Memorial Plaques from St. Luke's, Whyteleafe, it was decided to move the plaques from St. Lawrence's Churchyard into the church for safe keeping. Temporary black plastic markers were put in their place.

The temporary black plastic markers are now gradually being replaced by lightly engraved stone plaques, approximately 200mm x 150mm (8" x 6"). These stone plaques are laid flush with the surface of the ground and bear just the names of the deceased with their dates of birth and death. A typical plaque, together with the original brass plate, is illustrated.

The brass plaques are still in safe keeping in the St. Lawrence's vestry. Should families wish to put them back in the churchyard, or keep them at home, please contact either the Guild of Friends (0208 763 0013) or St. Mary's Church Office.

When all the new stone plaques had been laid in place, maintenance was made easier by laying a weed proof membrane, covered with bark chips, in the grave areas by the west wall of the church and near the south boundary wall. Your comments would be welcomed.

It is sad that we need to take such measures, but we need to react to a sick society.

Guild of Friends of St. Lawrence's

Memorial Plaques old and new

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