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Weekly attendance continues to be maintained. As older children leave to start Nursery School others soon take their place. The result is a happy (though often noisy!) hive of activity and play.

Parents are encouraged to get involved with helping to clear up at the end of sessions, and many begin to "gel" as a group and make new friends.

We have been donated several robust and popular toys during the past year. A venture started last year - A Nearly New Children's clothes sale - continues to raise money for charity. Three are planned throughout the year. We trust these will help everyone, particularly families that are finding the present economic climate very difficult. Details are always advertised in the 'Pews News'.

A big thanks you to the team; Claire, Lisa and Cheryl for all their help each week which makes for the effective running of the group. We really need another helper each week. If someone is free for a few hours on a Friday morning, they would be more than welcome. We operate in school term time only.

Maureen Edmonds

Two Toddlers

Annual Report - Parent & Toddler Group